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What, me Published?

Well, not really. But some ideas that I helped develop and data I helped gather/generate were recently written up in this paper from the Harvard Business Review on Big Seed Marketing by my pals Jonah Peretti and Duncan Watts. The basic idea, embodied in the open source ForwardTrack project I helped create, is, as Kottke says:
Instead of relying purely on viral marketing or mass media marketing alone, big-seed marketing combines the two approaches so that a large initial audience spreads the marketing message to a secondary audience, yielding more overall interest than either approach would have by itself, even if the message isn't that contagious. "Because big-seed marketing harnesses the power of large numbers of ordinary people, its success does not depend on influentials or on any other special individuals; thus, managers can dispense with the probably fruitless exercise of predicting how, or through whom, contagious ideas will spread."

While I was not listed as an author in the HBR paper, I am listed on the as yet unpublished version on Dr. Watts' web site (abstract).


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