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Climb the Charts, Schmimb the Charts

Someone I know asked me to post this little ditty from a past life career of mine. Judging from the time scale on the graph, I must have made this diagram 200 weeks after November 21, 1998 -- around the fall of 2002 I guess. In fact, if my memory serves me, the whole thing was really Steve's idea.

What the chart below shows to me is that the notion of "climbing the charts" is basically defunct. Albums hit their peak Billboard positions immediately or very shortly after their release dates, and then fade out like like the ego and stature of your high school football team's quarterback.

(click for a full size image)

There are a number of ways I have thought that this particular graphic could be improved -- make it interactive, somehow link albums by the same artist, etc -- but, really, who cares?!?


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