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It's Not a Tumor

For reasons not worth mentioning, I had a brain MRI in recent weeks. As for prognosis, Arnold definitely said it best:

Not that I ever really thought it would be. What I did think about was the pictures I would get back. And they are money (perhaps even more so than the nap I took in the machine). Here's the best of the crop (click for enlargements, or go here):

Images | Video

Images | Video

Images | Video


I don't think I should have expected to recognize myself from a cross-section of my brain, eyeballs, and sinuses. In fact, I think I look damn silly.

I do recognize my crooked nose in this one, but I didn't expect the crookedness to continue inside the skull. That huge white ball inside my right cheek -- is that mucous? Is there a doctor in the house?

I can't resist this one: peep the brain stem.


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